How to Wear a White Dress and Look Slimmer

How to Wear a White Dress?

The white dress is something that many people tend to avoid for one reason or another, but the #1 biggest complaint is that it makes their body look bigger. If you’re trying to go for a slightly slimmer appearance, then honestly, white probably wasn’t the first thing you thought of. But here’s the thing to remember, the white dress is absolutely perfect for many occasions! It’s great for first dates, it’s cool in the summer, and you probably want to break it out of your closet more than once per month. The only question now is how to wear a white dress and look slimmer. Well, as it turns out, the white dress doesn’t need to make you look bigger, and it doesn’t need to be awkward. There are so many ways that you can use to craft the appearance you want while still wearing this amazing wardrobe staple. Let’s take a look!

1.Wear a Belt

When it comes to slimming yourself down in a white dress, a belt is probably the first thing that you should think of. It’s easy, it’s cheap, and there are so many different style options! The best piece of advice that we can give you is to place the belt at the thinnest part of your waist to call more attention to it – this will help considerably with the slimming effect and make the white dress practical in more situations.

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2.Add a Corset

Corsets aren’t for the Victorian era and they don’t have to be worn under your clothes. That’s kind of a surprise, right? We will say that some corsets are a bit more on the extreme side as far as thinning yourself down goes, so with that said, we would like to offer a word of caution: don’t make it too tight. Yes, a corset can make you look extremely thin, but going too far with it can actually cause medical issues! Apart from that, corsets can have some amazing styles, especially those that are designed to be worn on the outside of the clothing. If you’re a shorter individual, then it might be a good idea to invest in a waist cincher or at least an under bust corset instead – there’s less to play with, but sometimes less is more.

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3.Wear a Sleeveless Jacket or Vest

How to wear a white dress without belts and corsets and look slimmer? Once again, you want to really draw attention to your waist, and a sleeveless jacket can really accomplish that goal while leaving the sleeves of the dress exposed. You have an opportunity here to really lend to the theme of the dress by carefully choosing your jacket material; for example, if you wanted to go more formal, you could choose a satin or velvet, but if you want to go casual, denim should be your go-to. Bear in mind that you will want a fitted jacket to ensure it goes along with the shape of the dress and your body to create that ultimate slimming effect.

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4.Wear a Long Straight Cardigan

This style stands in direct contrast of the one we mentioned above in that it doesn’t call for a form fitting piece of clothing over the dress. Instead, you want a long, straight cardigan that hangs loose. In my opinion, you should leave it open because when worn properly, the eye is drawn to the cardigan and it shows off the thinner waist inside. This is an illusionary effect that produces great results, so don’t be afraid to try it out. Not to mention, cardigans are cute!

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5.Go with Vertical Fringes

You know how horizontal stripes on a dress or top make you look larger? That’s yet another optical illusion, just like the cardigan. If you want to really play on it, try wearing a dress with vertical fringes – they have a slimming effect that will really help you out in the long run.

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6.Wear a Long, Narrow Scarf

A narrow scarf that hangs past your waist can add both character and a slimming effect to your dress, so don’t be afraid to try it out. This is very similar to dressing in layers, however, it can be much more difficult to do so with a dress. Enter the scarf; it’s convenient, it’ll keep you warm, and it will definitely draw attention to the things that matter most!

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7.Light Colored Shoes are Key

A huge step in making sure that you don’t look too ‘wide’ in a white dress is making yourself look a bit taller. We are going to give you another optical illusion, which is to wear either white or light colored shoes with your white dress. This will make your figure appear longer, and will definitely lend to the sliming effect that you are trying to achieve. Remember – shoes are one of the most fun accessories you can experiment with: try a pair of strappy sandals or a pair of stylish pumps!

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8.Go with Vertical Stripes

You know how I said that a vertical fringe would help you to look slimmer? Well, the same goes for stripes. Horizontal stripes are definitely out, but vertical can really compliment your figure and even make you look a bit taller. Stripes are in this year, so pick a dress that has them; you aren’t going to regret it.

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9.It’s All in the Boots

If you don’t want to wear regular shoes, then boots are going to be your go-to. The cool thing about boots is that they draw much more attention than shoes and they can have far more intricate designs. We recommend something with a low heel (there’s no need to go crazy here), but if you want to up the ante, try something that reaches to your knee. When it comes to boots, you have so many different options, so don’t cut yourself short, literally or figuratively.

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10.Keep the Accessories Down

Still not sure how to wear a white dress to look slimmer? Just keep this advice in mind: don’t make the mistake of over-accessorizing, instead keep it simple.  You don’t need to look like a jewelry store to impress, and it doesn’t help with your slimming efforts – remember that.

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11.Go Loose!

Don’t choose a tight bodycon style dress, you really don’t need that. Instead, choose something a bit looser like an A-Line dress, or even a shirt dress (the belt will go perfectly with that). You can also choose a wrap dress as that will definitely serve to draw more attention to your waist which will appear to be a bit slimmer than the rest of the dress – it’s an effect that you can cash in on.
Wearing a white dress can have plenty of benefits, so don’t overlook it just because others tell you it’s not very flattering – you’ve got this in the bag and it’s going to look absolutely stunning, we can guarantee it.

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Now you know how to wear a white dress to look stunning! Do you feel it is still not enough? We are here to help! Check out our other articles.

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