15 Celebrities Wearing White Dresses – Their Best Little White Dresses.

Spring is here and it’s time to pull the little white dress out of the closet – everyone else is thinking the exact same thing. You’re definitely not alone, and we have a list of celebrities that are sporting their own little white dress. Check out this list of celebrities wearing white dresses and find your favourite one.

Our List of Celebrities Wearing White Dresses

Victoria Beckham

Victoria’s dresses have always made a statement, and she’s actually kind of lucky that she can pull off a hem dress so well. This one hugs her body in all the right places, and the real question is whether it’s she or the dress that’s the star of the show. The best part of her outfit is how she manages to show off the tiered skirt while staying with the more simplistic look. She keeps her accessories minimal, but honestly, it’s her, so how much does she really need?

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Anne Hathaway

Anne wears the LWD well, but she doesn’t go the simple route. Instead, she’s sporting a white lace dress as she attends a Givenchy private show in Paris. The skirt goes down to her knees, showing off a floral pattern which is only enhanced by her bright red heels.

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Karlie Kloss

This strappy dress is extremely flattering on Karlie; it drops to just below her knees and takes that pencil form factor we all love. Her nude heels only make it better!
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Taylor Swift

Taylor’s white, empire waist dress incorporates some of the best boho elements, including a loose cardigan, and stops right above the knees. Her full toe boots complete the look and make her seem ready for anything, maybe even the red carpet.
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Emma Stone

This white dress worn by Emma on Good Morning America was the epitome of femininity; sleeveless, and stopping just short of the knees. To top it off, she wore brown heels that perfectly matched her hair color – it was a perfect way for her to show off her character.
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Emma Watson

If you know Emma Watson then you know she’s going to make a serious impact no matter what she wears. Her little white celebrity dress is very simple, featuring a high neck, and stopping just above the knees. She completes the look with flat back closed shoes. It’s all very simple, but it’s all very Emma.
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Lady Gaga

Unlike the other celebrities wearing white dresses in this list, Lady Gaga didn’t’ choose to take the minimalist route. In fact, she calls attention to herself in a very loud manner, with an open, mesh dress and black open toe heels. celebrities wearing white dressesPIN IT!

Rooney Mara

She looks pretty amazing in her white lace dress here, the design making full use of panels, and ending just above the knee. She has it paired with a pair of white sandaled heels, and we can’t help but wonder what this outfit might look like if you threw in a leather jacket.
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Angelina Jolie

Her dress isn’t simple by any means, but it definitely pulls off the dress casual look. She’s got her white dress paired with a white office jacket and a pair of nude heels for the ultimate personalized look. She does the LWD proud in that picture.
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Katy Perry

It’s not a pure white dress, but how can you resist a cute floral pattern? This strapless dress features a floaty skirt and she completes the ensemble with a white hand bag and purple high heels.
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Cameron Diaz

She really has the office chic look down in this picture, doesn’t she? Take a look at her white strappy pumps and pencil skirt. The top is pretty amazing too – while it’s pretty plain, it shows off her form extremely well. She completes her look with a cute handbag and red nail polish.
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Margot Robbie

Margot breaks the recent trends by going for a longer white wrap dress with a deep v-neck and pink open toe shoes to go with it. It might be the epitome of modesty, but it’s also the epitome of fashion. We love this celebrity white dress!celebrities wearing white dressesPIN IT!

Jennifer Aniston

Amazing at everything she does, Anniston manages to make a white strappy dress look absolutely formal even against that beach backdrop. With orange trim and dropping just below the knee, it’s no wonder so many are pining after this outfit.celebrities wearing white dressesPIN IT!


She does a great job of mixing femininity with some of the more boyish elements like a baseball cap and sneakers. This white celebrity dress is perfect for anything, from clubbing to shopping.celebrities wearing white dressesPIN IT!

Selena Gomez

In our opinion, Selena Gomez is one of the most beautiful celebrities wearing white dresses. White color suits her skin tone perfectly and you’ve noticed that she looks just stunning in her white outfits. There’s a lot to like about this dress; it features a deep neckline, straps, and goes down to just above the ankle. Not only that, it’s very form fitting and seems to go perfectly with her black pointy heels. It might look simple, but there’s a lot going on here.celebrities wearing white dressesPIN IT!

Have you found your favourite little white celebrity dress yet?

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