9 Powerful Colors: What Colors Should I Wear?

A Definite Color Psychology Guide

How often do you ask yourself: ‘What colors should I wear today?’ You might take color for granted on a daily basis, but believe it or not, it has meaning. The color wheel is an amazing and mysterious thing and it plays a huge role in our everyday lives. Today we’re going to take a look at the different colors and what they mean to you whether you see them on the street, on paper, or even more importantly, in fashion.

Red – The Dominant Color

Passion, fire, blood, strength, power, desire, these are just a few of the things that red has come to represent. It’s a strong color and it’s also very, very visible. For this reason it is used in situations that require attention, such as traffic lights, fire equipment, stop sights, and yes, especially clothing. Additionally, it is known to increase metabolism, respiration rate, and raise blood pressure. This is why the ‘little red dress’ is often a staple of any woman’s wardrobe, and it loves to come out on Valentine’s Day. Finally, it indicates courage, perhaps even raising confidence. There’s a reason why red is the dominant color, and now you know.

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Blue – A Feeling of Calm

A feeling of calm and tranquility rushes over you when you see the color blue. You feel at peace, you feel stable. Blue is a color that promotes trust, confidence, intelligence, and even sincerity. Overall, blue is an outstanding way to gain trust, and if you’re getting ready to head out, land the perfect job interview, or impress someone special, blue is probably the direction you want to go in. You are a sincere person, you’re intelligent, and you’re ready to do what’s needed. Blue is the best way to convey all of those things.

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Yellow – The Happy Color

Joy, happiness, intellect, and energy are the main attributes of the color yellow. It has an unrivaled warming effect and is great at stimulating mental activity – it’s also associated with food, so it’s a great color to wear to dinner. One thing to understand however, is that overuse of the color yellow can produce some disturbing effects, and it is the color that draws the eye first, always. With that in mind, pair yellow with another dominant color, like black.

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Green – The Color of Fertility

Green is nature. Green is harmony, green is fertility. Green can also be associated with healing power, and it is without a doubt the most restful color that a human being can lay their eyes upon. Finally, while it symbolizes many other things, green is outstanding at indicating stability and endurance. Of course, these are the properties of light green – dark green brings out ambition, jealousy, and even greed. No wonder it’s the color of money.

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Purple – Stability and Energy

You already know that purple was attributed to royalty in the middle ages, and today it two different attributes: the stability of the color blue, and the energy brought on by red. It is also the color of wisdom, of independence, of mystery, and even magic. While it is not a color often found in nature, it is one that many people love.

Shades of Purple

Light Purple tends to evoke feelings of romance and nostalgia, while dark purple can increase frustration and lower the mood in a room.

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Orange A Source of Heat

Did it just get hot in here? If you’re wearing orange then it might have, actually. The human eye sees orange as a very hot color, ultimately giving off the sensation, but it has many benefits. Orange brings enthusiasm, happiness, determination, success, and encouragement. It’s even the color of Fall and the harvest, which is why it’s worn so often around Halloween time.

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Pink – The Color of Romance

You know pink, you love pink, and you already know that it’s often considered more of a feminine color. It is often assigned to femininity due to its more passive qualities. Believe it or not, prior to the 1940’s, pink was associated with masculinity, and blue with femininity. We can only assume that somewhere along the line, someone changed their mind.

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Black – The Color you Want to Paint It

While the color black is often associated with a fear of the unknown, it is also used to denote elegance and formality. It’s definitely a color of royalty, much like purple, and it also denotes strength. On the opposite side of that spectrum, however, it tends to signify both death and evil. In our opinion, it all depends on who is wearing it. If you’re looking to create an aggressive color scheme, you can pair black with orange.

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White – The Color of Innocence

White is perhaps one of the most beautiful colors, especially when used for clothing. There are many different implications that can be derived from this color choice, some of them being purity, safety, and even cleanliness. When put into contrast with black, white normally has a more positive connotation about it. White is also the representation of a new beginning, making that little white dress an outstanding choice for a first date. Have you ever wondered why brides favor the white dress for their wedding day? It’s because the white dress is the commencement of a new chapter in one’s life, and it also represents purity. There is little doubt that a white dress will bring happiness, and you can find them in many different styles. If you’re looking for a cute dress, white is the way you want to go.

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So, What colors should I wear?

Finding the right clothing style can be difficult, but if you use this quick and easy guide, you’ll be sure to find something that meets your needs for the occasion that you are planning. It could be a first date, it could be a dinner party, or it could be prom night. Make the right impression and put yourself out there using the right color.