5 Shades of White Wedding Dress

One of the most common things that comes to our mind when we think about white color is the lovely white wedding dress. Contrary to common beliefs, white is not a simple color. There are so many varying color and tone variations to pick from. It is important to select the color of white that appears best on you. Let’s see how different shades of white relate to you.

Bright white

shades of whitePIN IT!Is the brightest, clearest white you can get. Satin, taffeta, polyester blends are the common artificial fibers to produce the brightest and whitest white in the fabric. It looks fantastic on darker skin tones and brings the beauty to life through the strong contrast between darker skin and the bright white color of your wedding dress. People with lighter skin tones should refrain from wearing it because bright shades of white have that tendency to overpower other whites like lighter skin tones.

Natural white

shades of whitePIN IT!Also known as “silk” or “diamond” white and it is the strongest white among natural fabrics. It is far more favorable for the most of the skin tones (particularly skin with yellow undertones) than the bright white because it is a shade of stark white.

Ivory white

shades of whitePIN IT!Also known as “the candlelight” or “eggshell” white. Some ivory colored dresses have a slight hint of yellow shade that makes them look creamy, while others are just less vibrant variations/shades of white. Girls with fairer skin tones, especially, the ones that have pinkish undertones of the skin should consider ivory whites with yellowish undertones. It will most certainly compliment their skin.

Champagne colored wedding dresses

shades of whitePIN IT!We think it is one of the most beautiful shades of white. It has a white with pink and golden undertones. We found that it can be quite difficult to identify this color on product photos as it appears almost always white, therefore it is worth to have an extra check before making a final call. This color is ideal for dark skin tones with yellow/olive undertones.

shades of whitePIN IT!You don’t have to wear pure white wedding dress if it’s not your thing. There are no hard and strict rules when it comes to selecting the perfect dress. It is all about matching and combining garments that work to your advantage and shout the beauty into the world. In recent years, designers have considerably expanded their design arsenal with clothing in soft near-white colors of lavender, rose or even blue that are found in the elements of the dress like embroidery, lace and bands of satin. So trust us there are many options and shades of white for every complexion and skin tone out there. shades of whitePIN IT!shades of whitePIN IT!

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